How To Use Our Catalog

Experience has taught us there is only one correct way to purchase parts.  USE YOUR VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)!  Albeit you can browse our catalog by selecting the make, model and year you have from the drop down boxes we suggest you use this option only to view the fabulous pricing we have.  Now that you know we are the place to make your Honda Parts purchase get your VIN from the car title, insurance verification, or straight from the car (WHERE'S MY VIN) so you can be confident the part you order is made to fit your vehicle.

Some other helpful suggestions are:

     Right Hand (RH) is the passenger side.

     Left Hand (LH) is the driver side.

     We have great confidence in our catalog but will admit to not being perfect.  If you have used your VIN and still come up with multiple part #’s send us an email containing your VIN, the link of the page you’re on, and the item number you need.  We will be happy to help pick the correct part number for you.

     A selection has to be made on all items that have a color designation.  If you do not know your paint or trim code send us an e-mail with your VIN and we can help.

     “Quantity Required” is NOT package quantity.  If you need more than one you will need to increase your order quantity.  The catalog does not reflect our inventory.

     On our catalog pages you will see illustrations of parts.  The illustrations with a line drawn directly from an item number to a part will only include the part the line touches.  If the line runs from the number to an enclosed box that part number will come with everything in the enclosed border.


           Item 14 is just a bolt

           Item 7 is the VTC valve and will also include item 8 which is the seal for the valve

          To purchase the Spool valve you will need to select item # 4 which will include 5, 6, 12, 13, 16, and 19